trustID speeds up electronic identity in Switzerland

ELCA launches trustID, the first electronic identity in Switzerland that allows users to sign electronically and conclusively in a matter of seconds.

The electronic signature is essential for the end-to-end digitization of business processes. Electronic signatures save companies time and money and allow employees to sign documents while teleworking or delegating. If a company wants to be sure that an electronic signature is valid in court, it must be linked to an electronic identity with a sufficient level of security. Only then can the electronic signature be uniquely assigned to an individual. Until now, there has been no easy-to-use electronic identity, recognized by the State and allowing immediate signing at a high level of security. ELCA is changing this in collaboration with Skribble and Swisscom Trust Services: with trustID, ELCA is launching the first electronic identity in Switzerland that allows users to sign electronically in a matter of seconds.

trustID allows users to create an electronic identity in a simple process, which is then validated in a second step. As in the past, this can be done via a network of physical registration points (customer human resources department, pharmacy, post office, hospitals, cantonal and municipal administration) or newly in a more convenient and flexible way by video identification.

trustID was the first solution certified by the Swiss Confederation for all actors in the health sector, in particular for the Electronic Patient Record. Today, trustID extends its range of functions. Thanks to the integration of a user-friendly video identification, which can also be used via a smartphone, it now enables a high-proof electronic signature. This greatly simplifies the use of electronic signatures while still complying with existing security requirements.

trustID is entirely developed in Switzerland and is made available under OpenSource license to ensure full transparency on the data processing processes. The data are stored exclusively in Switzerland. |

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